Pythia takes classical market research to a whole new level. With the help of artificial intelligence, we can make trend research for future market demands - with much greater precision.


Pythia’s algorithms collect, control and evaluate data. As a result, companies gain time and security for their product development.


Sell only what the market wants to buy. With Pythia's results you are always on the safe side.


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We are an experienced team, which has already created a few companies. We developed the first versions of Pythia solely for us to have a competitive advantage.

This enables us to obtain information that improves our products and presents them more effectively by forecasting upcoming trends. All at the right time and in the right place. We quickly asked ourselves: If this works for us, will it also work for other companies?

Whether new products, brands or ingredients - with Pythia you can imagine everything.

And since we are already at the introduction, here are some of us:

PETER Founder & CEO

Peter studied aerospace engineering (briefly) and Economics to the end. After his studies he founded his first startup, the cosmetics company Dr. Severin, at the age of 22. After his first appearances in the media, such as in the "Höhle der Löwen" (Lions' Cave) and articles in the FAZ, among others, further successful startups followed in various areas. In order to see his innovative product ideas automatized and to be able to pass them on to customers, Peter developed an artificial intelligence, which evaluates and forecasts search queries by means of Machine Learning - and thereby finds trends.


Raphael is a trained retail salesman and a lawyer specialising in tax law. After almost 5 years in stationary retailing, he held various professional positions: He worked in the Bundestag, in the Brexit team of the German Foreign Office and in one of the leading insolvency and restructuring law firms. In recent years, Raphael has worked as a freelance start-up consultant and participated in the establishment of a Frankfurt hedge fund. Raphael is our in-house lawyer and managing director alongside Peter.


Alex is one of our brightest developers and supports our team as a fullstack developer with a focus on NodeJS. He is our link with the programmers and tries to present and evaluate the technical details as customer-oriented as possible. He built the first code of Pythia alone, when he was less than 20 years old. He was already one of the best in his class when he graduated from high school.


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Even real winners lose something.

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Pythia has found "CBD oil" as a trend for the drugstore chain Rossmann. Rossmann added it to its product line and it became one of the fastest selling products in all its stores. The cooperation between Pythia and Rossmann covers almost all areas of the retailer. Pythia supplies Rossmann with trendy products and brands for the entire retail line, which means that the stocking of the shelves and the online offers always remain up to date.


For another brand the product "turmeric capsules" (in german: "kurkuma") was analysed. In Germany, not only kurkuma but also curcuma is correct as a spelling - so which one should the company use for the packaging? The artificial intelligence Pythia recommended the K spelling. She predicted that the search volume for the variant with K would be 75 % higher in the next 18 months - and thus much more promising.


Foxybox is the first European beauty box which uses artificial intelligence to select products for its range. This enabled the company to achieve incredible growth figures in a very short time - our forecasts and recommendations were exactly the right ones and were also very well received by customers. Why? Because Instagrammer's and Youtuber's naturally wish to talk about trends. The results are impressive: Since the cooperation, the efficiency of their advertising spending has verifiably increased by 450%.


A manufacturer of cough sweets was informed by Pythia that the term "chesty cough" is very trending. So the manufacturer produced a chesty cough version of his cough sweets. Their sales in the drugstore tripled due to the more targeted appeal to consumers.


For Wonderfoods, pilot customer since the very beginning, Pythia recommended "Matcha tea" in time, before the trend arrived in Germany. Wonderfoods became one of the first known Matcha tea suppliers in Germany, ahead of the top performers in the german tea market. Matcha tea has remained Wonderfoods' undisputed bestseller to this day.

You tell us what you're interested in, we tell you if anyone's interested. For this we use the information that people leave us on the Internet. We examine Google and Amazon search entries and other data sources on new trends, evaluate and structure them individually for our partners. We can now make statements with these target keywords.

Is what you're looking for trending?

And better: How likely is that?

For our brand Dr. Severin we did the same. We found out that "Vitamin C" and "Serum" were two of the hottest keywords in the beauty segment. Based on this trend research, we were able to make the decision in March 2017 to develop a Vitamin C serum and expand our range. With success. And with solid evidence.

As a provider, you have to plan early and often make difficult decisions. But with Pythia's results and insights, you gain more security. Do you still have question regarding our
AI? Feel free to contact us.

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