PETER | Founder & CEO

Peter studied aerospace engineering (briefly) and Economics to the end. After his studies he founded his first startup, the cosmetics company Dr. Severin, at the age of 22. After his first appearances in the media, such as in the "Höhle der Löwen" (Lions' Cave) and articles in the FAZ, among others, further successful startups followed in various areas. In order to see his innovative product ideas automatized and to be able to pass them on to customers, Peter developed an artificial intelligence, which evaluates and forecasts search queries by means of Machine Learning - and thereby finds trends.


Raphael is a trained retail salesman and a lawyer specialising in tax law. After almost 5 years in stationary retailing, he held various professional positions: He worked in the Bundestag, in the Brexit team of the German Foreign Office and in one of the leading insolvency and restructuring law firms. In recent years, Raphael has worked as a freelance start-up consultant and participated in the establishment of a Frankfurt hedge fund. Raphael is our in-house lawyer and managing director alongside Peter.


Valentin studied economics in Frankfurt and has worked for several years as managing director, right hand man and second head of Peter. He has been with the organization since its inception. In addition to his operative hands, Valentin has incredible creativity and in recent years has successfully built up and expanded various brands such as Dr. Severin and Nutree. He knows trade and cosmetics very well and helps our customers with their overall appearance and entrepreneurial strategy.


Alex is one of our brightest developers and supports our team as a fullstack developer with a focus on NodeJS. He is our link with the programmers and tries to present and evaluate the technical details as customer-oriented as possible. He built the first code of Pythia alone, when he was less than 20 years old. He was already one of the best in his class when he graduated from high school.


Patrick studied business administration and computer science in Frankfurt. During his studies he founded the security consultancy Insiders Knowledge and thus his first IT company. In the following eight years he founded a number of other companies in the areas of IT security, software engineering and Machine Learning. He and his co-founder Florian have been working with Pythia since day one.

FATIH Business Development

Fatih brings along experience from the marketing besides his creativity. He studied Economics and over the last few years has gained insight into various industries, such as the digitalization of the automotive industry and the management of startups. He works on the constant further development of our existing business areas and drives the development of new ones.