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Berlin / Frankfurt

Looking for cherry on top.

Heat fresh whole milk and whipped cream slowly over medium heat in a saucepan. Before the milk starts to boil, add sweet condensed milk and stir in quickly. Now add Ghirardelli cocoa powder, then three Lindt Excellence Dark mini chocolate bars with 70% cacao. Half a cup of sugar. A pinch of salt. Leave to simmer at low heat for five minutes.
Pour into the cup. Fill up with spray cream and cover with chocolate flakes. Carefully place a marshmallow in the middle and fry on all sides with a Bunsen burner. To decorate, place a whole Graham cracker on top and then add the cherry o-oh!
We are missing a cherry on the cream topping.



  • You are confident in working with Excel

  • You enjoy working independently

  • You are dedicated and reliable

  • IT affinity and good skills in MS Office are an advantage


We are a start-up that is well positioned, but is still looking for a working
student to complement, improve and complete us.

Is that you? Then feel free to contact us, we also have normal coffee!

Send your complete application to:

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