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Swarm Market Research AI presents Pythia

Pythia – digital market research supported by artificial intelligence. Thus, predictions for future market demands will be created. Algorithms deal with collecting, controlling and reviewing data. Thereby, companies can save time and win certainty over their product development.

At the back of this solution is an experienced founding team from Frankfurt, which already has gained experiences in (E-)Commerce with its own brand Dr. Severin. To improve forecasting of future trends, an AI was developed, which, with support of a neural network, can analyze huge amounts of data. Pythia is a self-learning system. Instead of just calculating complex as-is states, which would be too large for the human brain, she can go one step further. And look ahead. She recognizes trends and creates forecasts, which can provide a relevant competitive advantage.

The artificial intelligence got her name from the Greek mythology. There she had been the highest priestess in the Oracle of Delphi and announced her prophecies to the people. That is exactly what the AI Pythia does. She foresights the future and provides forecasts.

Trend forecasts for companies with Pythia

Pythia provides companies with the possibility to forecast trends for new products bias, brands or ingredients. For this reason, interested companies can improve their products and present themselves better. And at the right time at the right place.

Send us a message or give us a call! We clear things up, how you can prepare your company for future trends with Pythia.