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Is AI the future of marketing?

“How much will AI disrupt the market?” Currently a question almost all marketing experts are confronted with. A vast majority of German companies rate AI positive and target an increase in efficiency in various divisions by its utilization. Company acceptance in Germany is still increasing: More than half of larger employers use AI for efficiency reasons, for medium-sized enterprises it’s at least at 30 % already.

A current survey of Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart in collaboration with United Internet Media came to that conclusion as well. About 75 % of in the survey interviewed marketers from the areas service, commerce and production are convinced that advertising experts and agencies will be working with AI especially.

The respondents assume, that the use of digital assistants and chatbots will enhance the user experience. More than 80 % of experts agree, that targeting, so the targeted address of the target group, can be improved using AI.

The willingness to invest in technologies like AI is correspondingly high. As a result, 60 % of interviewed experts expect, that user experiences in this area will be enhanced by investments in the following two years. “Investments are crucial to not be left behind according to experts’ and decision-makers’ point of view”, Jürgen Seitz of Hochschule der Medien concludes. AI’s part in digital marketing keeps on getting bigger.

But did you know that some companies are already using artificial intelligence in marketing to gain more efficiency?

Online Marketing with Pythia

You can improve your marketing measures by using automated trend research. For example with our AI Pythia, which can do very precise trend research for future trends. Her algorithms deal with collecting, controlling and analyzing huge amounts of data, which are being evaluated with an artificial neural network. Instead of just calculating complex as-is states, which would be too large for the human brain, she can create forecasts. Therefore, Pythia recognizes trends and creates forecasts, which can provide a relevant competitive advantage.

Pythia can create comprehensive keyword analyses, suggest trending keywords and forecast keyword popularity. In doing so our AI can identify for SEA relevant statistics as well. Results can be used to calculate future keyword relevance for e-commerce or address customers with the right landing pages. Thereby you know, in which campaigns to invest into and in which not. The data for the latest and future trends will help you to identify popular subjects and keyword niches for search engine optimization as well.

Due to accurate forecasts companies can spread relevant marketing campaigns, respond to customer’s demands in real time and as a result address customers much more precise.


By using Pythia, you can create more effective marketing measures: With it trend forecasts for future demands can be created. For this reason, marketers can improve their strategy.

Send us a message or give us a call! We clear things up on how you can prepare your company for future trends with Pythia.

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