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Improving sales with Pythia

Artificial intelligence describes a field of research, which broaches the issue of computer’s perception and imitation of humanlike behavior. Application areas of AI are versatile and range from intelligent chat bots to accurate trend research.

Recognition, analysis and interpretation of huge amounts of data in a short amount of time are feasible for an AI. In doing so, very accurate indications are possible.

As early as 2017 an AI was able to interpret Facebook likes, given by a user, and create a profile based on those mentioned likes. With 70 likes the artificial intelligence knows you better than your own friends. Thereby, it can assess your sexual orientation, openness, satisfaction or other characteristics better than your friends. From 150 likes on it works even better than with your own parents – with 300 likes the AI knows you better than your own partner.

But did you know that you can increase your sales volume by using artificial intelligence?

Growth in sales with Pythia

Next to profiling a further application area is – with us – trend research. For example, our AI Pythia, which can do very precise trend research for future trends. Her algorithms deal with collecting, controlling and analyzing huge amounts of data, which are being evaluated with an artificial neural network. Instead of just calculating complex as-is states, which would be too large for the human brain, she can create forecasts. Therefore, Pythia recognizes trends and creates forecasts, which can provide a relevant competitive advantage.

The advantages are obvious: With accurate forecasts companies can make relevant products, respond to customer’s demands in real time and as a result grow their sales.

Pythia was able to prove itself repeatedly: For a brand the product "turmeric capsules" (in german: "Kurkuma") was analyzed. In Germany, not only Kurkuma but also Curcuma is correct as a spelling. Pythia predicted that the search volume for the variant with K would be 75 % higher in the next 18 months.

It depends on you

According to the VDE Tec Report 2019 Germany is still playing catch-up regarding AI. Only one percent of the interviewed member companies agree that Germany leads the way in this area. So far only 12 % of German companies use artificial intelligence. 86 % don’t use AI at the moment, although the majority is expecting, that the technology will be very important in the future.

However, by using Pythia it’s possible to get the drop on other competitors and push your own progress. With it, trend forecasts for future demands can be created and interested companies can improve their products development.

Send us a message or give us a call! We clear things up on how you can prepare your company for future trends with Pythia.

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