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Berlin / Frankfurt

We are a fast growing startup looking for an unusual accomplice, with a high level of drive, curiosity, and passion. This role is demanding and ideal for learning and helping in how to manage a complex workflow in a startup ecosystem.

Pythia can tell you what product to produce, which color to choose and which wording to use. 

With Pythia we created an artificial intelligence which is predicting trends. The neural network analyzes billions of people's online searches and predicts what will be the future demand. Our customers are advertising-agencies, as well as a broad range of retail and consumer good companies - basically pretty much everyone trying to conquer a market.



We are two experienced entrepreneurs, having built companies from scratch, ranging from cosmetic brands to hedge-funds. Currently we have a team of 10+ people – a diverse mixture from lawyers to mathematicians. Our only shareholder is the owner of one of the biggest and leading retail companies in Europe. 


In this challenging assistance function you work closely with the C-Level and you will make an important contribution regarding administration and execution of strategic and operational management. You handle transferred duties - both internally and externally – in a qualified way and act independently, so that the Management is relieved.

You define, measure and initiate action for the following main tasks:

  • Active support for the C-Level in developing strategies and concepts as well as in the organization of projects and HR


  • Participation in execution of strategic and operative project management assignments 


  • Preparation and assistance to consolidation of sophisticated analysis, statistics, reports, decision papers and creation of presentation materials


  • Administrative support to key business processes, activities and coordination of the Management as well as follow-up of meetings 


  • Organization of internal and external meetings and as well as communication with the internal team and external partners


  • Coordination of business travel, expense reporting, invoicing, and contract, document and knowledge management


We are looking for candidates who are “servant leaders” and excited to use this opportunity to learn, grow, and chart a path to the next era in their career and our company.

You are 

  • Action-oriented, derive pleasure from working systematically and figuring out knotty problems. You love coming up with creative solutions just as much as the tactical work of implementing them

  • Detail-oriented - your working style is about creating order, planning ahead and establish elegant processes


  • An independent thinker and decision-maker with excellent organizational skills and the ability to work in a complex challenging environment 


  • A skilled communicator, great listener and an effective speaker. You are a whiz at befriending people, and build new relationships easily


  • Trained to remain calm and positive under pressure and challenging circumstances. 


  • Willing to travel with a very high frequency 


  • Fluent in German and English

Most importantly you are intellectually curious about the world of startups, how their ecosystems work, and how they can run better. You are resilient in the face of challenge.

Send your complete application to:

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